Why AlignED?

At AlignED, we know that life isn’t neutral. We are either moving forward or losing ground. We use a framework or process outlined in Philip Cosby’s early quality work to PLAN conversations and experiences where people feel valued and respected. This process aligns the strategic needs of the business, with operational needs for performance, and defines what actions people can take to impact results.

Creating opportunities for involvement and data collection at every step of the journey builds ownership in the process. It moves beyond simple knowledge transfer to creating a shared experience that is long lasting and has a greater impact to business results.

What We Do:

We Facilitate Clarity, Alignment and Ownership.

Strategic Clarity. It starts with the business.

Data guides business decisions that must be made by teams and individuals to achieve desired results. Revisiting the strategy and the impact of previous decisions to current market conditions requires frequent, courageous and candid conversation. Change today is continuous, constant and complex.

Operational Alignment. It’s everyone working together toward common goals with shared expectations for how data-driven decisions will be made and resources allocated.

Business decisions must be translated into shared expectations and outcomes for business units and functional areas. Brokering conversations that break down silos and create new partnerships creates higher levels of integration, engagement and momentum.

Individual Ownership and Support. Change happens one individual at a time.

Dialogue and conversation around expectations and outcomes set the standard for individual decision making and contribution. Nothing happens in an organization until someone acts. Emotionally connecting people to results is fuel for action. People power the business.

How We Do It:

We offer three ways for business leaders and talent development professionals to create strategic clarity, build organizational alignment and generate individual ownership for results:

  • Basic Facilitation: It’s often easier for an “outsider” to ask the tough questions, manage the personalities in the room and allow leaders and team members the freedom to be participants in important conversations. We facilitate a variety of meeting topics and agendas, including change, integration and strategic alignment.We don’t believe “one size fits all”. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs.

  • Leader and Manager Training: We prepare leaders and managers to have candid and courageous conversations with employees that create shared ownership and accountability. AlignED is an authorized provider of Fierce Conversations®. We also offer workshops that teach others how to facilitate for clarity, alignment and ownership.Preparing leaders, managers, and supervisors to have the courageous, candid conversations is a directive in many organizations. Contact us to learn how our programs may meet your needs.

  • Strategy and Talent Planning: Business today is complex, fast paced and no one person has all the answers. We design and deliver customized meetings and events that put the right conversation in the room and create a purposeful and powerful result.Balancing day-to-day demands with long term, strategic planning can be tricky. Contact us to see whether our experience and expertise might add value to your team.

Why Fierce Conversations?

An Authorized Provider

While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a company, a relationship, or a life any single conversation can.”
– Susan Scott, Author of Fierce Conversations.

The very first time I facilitated a Fierce Conversations session, I noticed that a gentleman who seemed very engaged during the morning session had not returned after lunch.

Three hours later he reappeared with a look on his face I’ll never forget. He was beaming from ear to ear. During the lunch break he shared the Team Conversation template with his boss and was immediatly pulled into a meeting to put it to use. He emerged two hours later with kudos from his manager for resolving an issue the team had been struggling with for months.

Real work happens in a Fierce Conversations training experience.