The dictionary defines clarity as the quality or state of being clear. Okay, but where does it come from and how do we find it to chase away those feelings of doubt and uncertainly when faced with seemingly impossible decisions and questions that beg for answers?

What is Clarity?Last week I was coaching someone to make more effective presentations. She was struggling with her opening and how to engage the audience from the start. I gave her an idea, and the moment she heard it, her eyes lit up, a smile burst across her face and she said, “That’s it”! It was by far, her best presentation. She seemed to take that energy that had moments before been invested in the search for a clear, compelling opening, and she channeled it into a delivery that really connected with her audience.

When we don’t feel like we have enough information to make a decision, or the words to approach the situation at hand, we procrastinate, hesitate and undermine our best efforts.

Clarity isn’t just something we know. Clarity is something we feel. A search for clarity is a search for the truth, and there are many ways to find it.

It’s that search for truth to fuel the path forward with the courage and conviction to take action