• Know me.
  • Care about me.
  • Listen to what I have to say.
  • Be my advocate.
  • Help me make good decisions.

Those responses top the list when I ask participants in my training sessions what customers want most.  After generating some healthy discussion, I then return to the list and ask them to consider what employees want most in the workplace.  It doesn’t take long for them to realize… it’s basically the same list.

Conversation 2.0 - is it time for an upgrade?Isn’t it interesting that in the age of big data and sophisticated analytics that track customer experience and employee engagement, our ability to make that data come to life depends on human behavior and interaction?   At the end of the data and technology road, we find the need for genuine, human connection.  We long to belong, be recognized and valued.

Human Connection

Advances in technology have also given us many ways to communicate, yet behind every email, tweet, call or IM is that desire to connect.  Nancy Duarte, author of Resonate, says “Genuine connection creates change.”

That’s it!  In a world where change is constant and complex, the anchor point becomes our ability to connect in grounded, relevant, genuine way.

Conversations 2.0

Making the investment to upgrade our technology is a given.  Yet, when was the last time you made an investment to upgrade your ability to connect on a genuine, human level?

In my next post, I’ll share some basic time-tested principles for human connection.