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Molly Breazeale


Molly Breazeale
Founder of AlignED



The notice inside my paycheck read something like this: “The employees at Delta Airlines would like to buy their company a Boeing-767. Would you like to contribute?”

While the rest of the note went into more detail, I paused and carefully made my decision. My friends at Eastern Airlines had warned me about this day, as they had received multiple pay cuts without warning or notice.

That was my very first job out of college, and I knew that the airlines were struggling during an air traffic controller’s strike and a fuel crisis. While I am certain I didn’t contribute much to the

purchase of that jet, I’ll never forget the day The Spirit of Delta rolled out of the hanger. With tears in my eyes, I felt that pride of ownership and a deep commitment to the organization.

People support a world they help create. I’ve never forgotten that experience and in fact, I believe it set my career in motion in leadership and management development and adult learning. Decisions are best made at the level of execution and employees and customers alike want to have a voice in things that will impact them.


Image source: DELTA Flight Museum.

Molly’s Bio

Molly Breazeale, owner of AlignED, has 25+ years of internal and external consulting experience.

AlignED teaches leaders, HR, and talent development professionals how to create safe, open environments for real conversation and decision making to occur. Breazeale believes outcomes are more powerful and motivating than agendas and process trumps content and presentations to drive results every time. Knowing how to put the right conversation in the room is an art and a science.

AlignED, LLC is an authorized provider of Fierce Conversations and Breazeale is a Master Facilitator; facilitating their courses since 2006. She also continues her facilitation for Dale Carnegie Training in leadership and high impact presentations.

Whether designing and delivering senior leadership meetings for the CEO, aligning high potential talent to the most pressing challenges for the future, or helping managers and supervisors have the conversations most needed to drive results, Molly Breazeale has learned from experience that a simple framework applies: Clarity, Alignment, and Ownership.

Experience is a
powerful teacher

AVP, Organization Effectiveness at Nationwide Mutual Insurance

December 2009 to December 2010

AVP, Learning and Development at Nationwide Mutual Insurance

February 2005 to December 2009

Global Talent Developer at ING Americas

March 2003 to February 2005

Independent Consultant, Impact Factors

February 2002 to March 2003

Director of Product Design and Delivery at Dale Carnegie Training

May 1989 to September 2000